Democracy in action

Making our votes count! Will it be Pacific Water, Life’s a Beach or Grass is Greener? The campaign posters were spotted around school, and it was all to do with the School Council and their plans to choose a new flooring for the stairs which lead to the Rooftop Arts Studio.

It wasn’t quite on the scale of the general election but it was just as
gripping . Everyone in school got the chance to have their say on what type of flooring will be installed over the summer holidays.

The week started with leaders of each of the different choices presenting their case at our whole school assembly. Then the polling booths arrived, the queues formed and everyone cast their vote.

Over the weekend the votes were counted, verified and at Monday's whole school assembly, Returning Officer, Louise announced the results: Pacific Blue 55%, Life’s a Beach 24%, Grass is Greener 15%, Spoilt Ballot 1%, Absent 4% & Abstainers 1%.

At the 2010 election the winning party got 36% of the vote. Our turnout was 95% and at the last general election it was 65%.

Keeping healthy

Healthy Eating was the theme of the day when visiting chef, Darren presented his very engaging programme. It was like being on the set of a TV show in the morning but Masterchef had nothing on our creative cooks. Teachers, Shola and Jeff (destined to be known as Chef Jeff forevermore) led their teams during our own version of Ready Steady Cook. Children and staff sampled the final dishes and the Green kitchen came out as the most popular choice.

We learnt about different food groups, portion sizes and how important it is to eat 5-a day and oily fish once a week.

In the afternoon our youngest children got a chance to take part in fitness activities, checked their heartbeat, learnt more about 5-a-day and got a chance to sample some fruity smoothies.

After school parents were able to try some of Donna's delicious cooking.

Creating our new mural - inspired by Greenwich - both the historical and modern

Our Wiltshire experience

Over the last few years we have been building a partnership with All Cannings Primary School in Wiltshire.

Previously some of their staff and children came to visit us and last year both Y6 classes peer reviewed each other’s writing. This year children in Y5G & Y5L have become more aware of the diversity beyond their own community and have been comparing their lives with that of other children in the UK. As part of the Y5 curriculum, they took part in our first ever school journey to Devizes this week. The children of both schools enjoyed lessons together including a Forest Schools session, playground games and a barbecue and camped in the school hall!