Friday 12th September 2014

Next week's "Meet the Teacher" Open Evenings for parents/carers in Y1-6 are as follows:

Wed 17th Sept: 5.00-6.00pm - Y5 / 5.30-6.30pm - Y6

Thurs 18th Sept: 5.00-6.00pm - Y1 & 2 /
5.30-6.30pm Y3 & 4

This will be an opportunity for you to meet staff and find out about expectations, routines and ways you can help at home.

Details about Autumn Term clubs were also sent home today - please sign up for clubs by Monday 15th September. See the latest newsletter for Jo's Princess Melisande mathematical challenge! More maths challenges can be found here.

Year 6 out and about admiring the Tall Ships

Greenwich, of course! We like to get out and about at Meridian and make the most of all the fantastic learning opportunities on our doorstep! Y6 ventured to the river to admire the Tall Ships which took up their moorings from 4th -9th September. Junior classes also got a chance to bid them farewell as they sailed down the Thames.

At Meridian we recognise that ...

• all children are unique and special;
• we make a difference to children’s lives;
• children have one chance at a Primary School education;
• children cannot learn unless they are happy, safe and secure;
• everyone is important to the success of the team.

At Meridian we aim for all our children ...

• to be happy, safe and secure;
• to enjoy school and enjoy learning;
• including those who are deaf, dyslexic or have other learning differences, to become successful, independent learners;
• to be the best they can be, whoever they are and whatever their starting points or circumstances.

We greatly value the arts and sports and it is our ambition that every child should leave our school with a skill or talent they can enjoy and succeed in and which will be the foundation for sustained self-esteem as they grow older.

At Meridian we are committed to...

• the aims and values of our school and to demonstrating these values in our everyday practice;
• a child-centred approach;
• high expectations for all children and staff;
• identifying and overcoming barriers to learning; • making every lesson count;
• knowing all our children and families and working in partnership with them and the local community;
• collaborative working and learning.