Nurture Aspiration Inclusion


Wednesday 20th July

As the 2015-16 school year draws to a close, thank you for all your support this year. It has been a pleasure to work with your children, who continue to make us all very proud. Children have swam, danced, written, painted, read, acted, calculated and explored their way through an action packed school year. There are so many achievements which can be celebrated. Well done to all.

A big thank you to FROMS for your ongoing support—we can’t wait to see the new MUGA in September.

We wish everyone a restful and enjoyable Summer holiday. To all the children &
families who are leaving us, we wish you lots of luck for the future and hope you will come back to visit!

We look forward to seeing everyone else on Wednesday 7th September (apart from Nursery children who restart on Friday 9th September).

At Meridian we aim for all our children ...

• to be happy, safe and secure;
• to enjoy school and enjoy learning;
• including those who are deaf, dyslexic or have other learning differences, to become successful, independent learners;
• to be the best they can be, whoever they are and whatever their starting points or circumstances.

We greatly value the arts and sports and it is our ambition that every child should leave our school with a skill or talent they can enjoy and succeed in and which will be the foundation for sustained self-esteem as they grow older.

At Meridian we recognise that ...

• all children are unique and special;
• we make a difference to children’s lives;
• children have one chance at a Primary School education;
• children cannot learn unless they are happy, safe and secure;
• everyone is important to the success of the team.

Team Meridian Finalists 2016

Well done to to our aqua ambassadors who put in a great performance in the pool on Friday 1st July. There were lots of fantastic races and individual medals won during the annual gala. Everyone contributed to the team effort and we came second in the Small Schools category (we narrowly missed winning with only 1 point in it!) The boys were placed third overall in the whole competition and Meridian came fourth out of 18 schools, many much bigger than us.

A proud night for Team Meridian - congratulations everyone!

At Meridian we are committed to...

• the aims and values of our school and to demonstrating these values in our everyday practice;
• a child-centred approach;
• high expectations for all children and staff; • identifying and overcoming barriers to learning;
• making every lesson count;
• knowing all our children and families and working in partnership with them and the local community;
• collaborative working and learning.