Footballing Success

Y5 & Y6 Girls Football - January 2017

The Y5 & Y6 Girls Football Team enjoyed success on 10th January as they took part in a local tournament with other schools from across the borough. They played brilliantly in the morning and finished as runners up in their group. In the afternoon, playing against other second place teams, they won their group with results of 1-0, 3-0 and 2-0!

All of the girls performed fantastically by demonstrating , not just their excellent footballing
ability, but by showing excellent team spirit and fair play. Well done girls!

Y5 Bullybeat Songwriting Day

Y5 took part in a Bullybeat workshop on 23rd March. Bully Beat has been designed to enthuse children about the process of lyric writing, singing, music arranging and contemporary production whilst promoting a serious anti-bullying message.

Working in groups they discussed their ideas and put their thoughts about friendship and antibullying to music.

If you are interesting in hearing their song Nobody Should be Left Alone, pleae click on the link

Discovering our own Never Land

Based on J M Barrie's original playscript, "Peter Pan" or "The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up" is our inspiration for this year's festival. Our 2017 exhibition is now open in the Middle Hall - please come along and let us take you on an adventure through Never Land.