Nurture Aspiration Inclusion


Thursday, 29th March 2018

Today we were proud to open our 2018 Arts Festival exhibition inspired by the tale of The Borrowers. For over three weeks, children throughout school imagined their life in miniature, away from the prying eyes of the “human beans”.

Through their writing, children have debated different dilemmas such as the pros and cons of venturing beyond the safety of their hidden home. Their intricate wire and withy sculptures show off all the designing, sculpting and embellishing skills they have developed. Children’s commitment to producing an ambitious arts installation of fantastic formal writing and sculpture shows how their resilience has grown.

Once more, our festival has given all our children the opportunity to learn new skills and share this incredible learning experience together. We hope you can come along to admire our "Lost and Found" installation which will be on display during the Summer Term in the middle hall.

The clubs newsletter for the Summer Term was sent home today - please sign up by 9.00am on Tuesday 17th April. Copies can be also be downloaded from the Newsletter page.

We hope everyone has a great break and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 17th April (Monday 16th is an INSET day). Nursery reopens on Wednesday 18th April.

Take care, have fun and stay safe.

Have a good weekend. See you all on Monday.

Snow Business

At Meridian we recognise that :

• all children are unique and special;
• we make a difference to children’s lives;
• children have one chance at a primary school education;
• children cannot learn unless they are happy, safe and secure;
• everyone is important to the success of the team.

At Meridian we aim for all our children:

• to be happy, safe and secure;
• to enjoy school and enjoy learning;
• including those who are deaf, dyslexic or have other learning differences, to become resilient, independent lifelong learners;
• to be the best they can be, whoever they are and whatever their starting points or circumstances.

At Meridian we are committed to:

• the aims and values of our school and to demonstrating these values in our everyday practice;
• a child-centred approach;
• high expectations of all children and staff;
• identifying and overcoming barriers to learning;
• making every lesson count;
• knowing all our children and families and working in partnership with them and the local community.