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Home Learning

Please find this week's home learning activities by following the year group links below - these are updated every Monday and are also uploaded to Google Classroom.  The work below and the work on Google Classroom is the same.  The advanatge of using Google Classroom is that staff post videos, children can upload their work and teachers and staff can post comments to each other.  We can also post paper copies of Home Learning home to families who would prefer this - please let the school office know.


It is not possible (or even desirable) for parents/carers to replicate the Meridian school experience at home. Home learning is different. Home learning during turbulent times is different again. We recognise that many parents are working from home and/or caring for more than one child, that access to computers may be shared and that Wi-Fi may be unreliable!


We think two hours of home learning a day is reasonable (and hopefully manageable) and that ‘screen time’ should be limited – balance is everything.  In addition to the home learning planned by teachers each week, there are suggestions of useful English and Maths websites on our website – front page under notices.


You are welcome to browse other year groups and use these if you think they are more appropriate.  If you would like to discuss any aspect of home learning. teachers/TAs will be ringing each week or you can email us at [email protected]


Home Learning - Y1 & Y2 Home Learning - Y3 & Y4 Home Learning - Y5 & Y6


Parent E-safety Guide Apple - Parental Control Guide Android - Parental Control Guide Child E-safety Guide

Please find information below on E-safety.  Our child E-safety guide is taught at school and displayed in all Meridian classrooms so children will be familiar with this. Our information for parents/carers will be familar to those who attended our E-safety workshops.  


Please note that the government have also produced guidance for parents on keeping their children safe online - see the front page of the school website: Coronavirus Update and follow the link - School Closure

Home Learning - Nur & Rec Children's letter from Jo 20.04 Google classroom guide Google Meet Instructions English websites


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