Vision & Values

At Meridian we recognise that:  

  • all children are unique and special;
  • we make a difference to children’s lives;
  • children have one chance at a primary school education;
  • children cannot learn unless they are happy, safe and secure;
  • everyone is important to the success of the team.

  At Meridian, we aim for all our children:

  • to be happy, safe and secure;
  • to enjoy school and enjoy learning;
  • including those who are deaf, dyslexic or have other learning differences, to become resilient, independent lifelong learners;
  • to be the best they can be, whoever they are and whatever their starting points or circumstances.

At Meridian we are committed to:

  • the aims and values of our school and to demonstrating these values in our everyday practice;
  • a child-centred approach;
  • high expectations of all children and staff;
  • identifying and overcoming barriers to learning;
  • making every lesson count;
  • knowing all our children and families and working in partnership with them and the local community.