Meridian Primary School

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with Designated Special Provision for Deaf Children

2010 - Get Set for 2012

As we head ever closer to London 2012,  we decided to explore all things Olympic and Paralympic in this year's festival - the whole school found out about the history and the values of the Games and the cultures of the countries taking part.


All the children became publishers, journalists, editors, illustrators, advertisers and photographers. Classrooms were transformed into Press Offices, where children created their own articles for our school magazines which promote the 2012 Games and our own mini Olympics!  


To inspire the children’s headdresses, the whole school visited the  the Horniman museum to explore artefacts from around the world.  Also, with help from parents and carers, the classrooms became  mini-museums full of costumes or objects which represented aspects of the different cultures within Meridian.  Over the 3 weeks, many family and friends came into class to talk about their work as journalists, to cook food from their culture, to describe the landscapes, wildlife and traditions from their countries and to help with our writing and sculptures.   Our exhibition was open to the school community and the wider general public over 2 weeks and the visitors were very impressed with what they saw and read.

Meridian's Mini Olympic Games took place on 16th July with its own opening ceremony. We paraded in our giant headdresses which represented the cultural ideas and images from the different Olympic countries represented by the children in our school.