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with Designated Special Provision for Deaf Children

2008 - Save Our Planet

The theme in 2008 was ‘Save Our Planet’ and we all enjoyed creating giant landscape paintings embellished with recycled materials!  Adventure Stories was the Literacy topic and we took various characters on a quest to save our wildlife - producing lots of fabulous books for everyone to enjoy reading!  


To inspire us , the whole school was whisked off to Kew Gardens and we got a chance to observe and draw a whole range of plants. We explored ecological issues and learnt about how areas of natural beauty are being spoiled by throwing litter, flytipping, deforestation, industrialisation. We also learnt about the changes we can make in our own lives which can have a positive impact on the world around us.


We learnt how to make a whole book from start to finish and the processes involved, including research, drafting, editing, publishing and book making.  Creating an adventure story allowed us to focus on key areas such as the cliffhanger and ending.


Each class studied the work of individual artists including Monet, Hockney, O'Keefe and we discussed how to use ideas from their work to create our own art panels.  We worked in small groups to sketch our ideas onto paper and then we painted our panels by mixing colours, creating textures and using different brushstrokes.  Continuing with our environmental theme, we collected different recycled materials - plastic, foil, metals, fabric -  and used these to enhance our paintings.


To mark the end of the 2008 Festival we sang our environmental song "Be Cool" at the Summer Fair.  

We also featured in the July edition of the Greenwich Time.

Planet Meridian