Nadia Dickson

Matthew Filbee - Co-opted Governor – Chair of Governors and T & L Sub Committee
Lead Governor for Curriculum and CPD

I became a member of the governing body in 2010 and took on the role of Joint Vice-Chair in September 2013. I have 2 daughters at Meridian (Years 4 and 6), my eldest daughter is now at a local secondary school.
In my working life I am an Investors in People Assessor. This takes me to many different types of organisations where I review their effectiveness as an employer and make recommendations for improvements. I am OFSTED’s IIP Assessor so this work takes me into many schools and keeps me relatively current with Education. Part of my original motivation in becoming a governor was to hopefully share some of my learning from other organisations with Meridian.
I lead on the Teaching and Learning Committee, which oversees the curriculum, the progress and achievement of the children and the quality of teaching.

Sarah Bray Roberts - Parent Governor - Vice Chair and Chair of Business Committee

I have been a governor at Meridian School since February 2014. I am the Chair of the Business Committee, which oversees finance and premises.
My son attends Meridian School and is currently in year 6.
At present I am the Head of Regulation and Advisory at a technology company. Before that I worked in Compliance, regulation and internal audit across a range of business sectors, delivering risk assessments and challenging boards to ensure that their risks were properly identified and managed.
I am a qualified accountant. Combined with my work experience, this provides me with a broad skill set which I use to help support our school to deliver good outcomes for all children.
I enjoy my role as a governor, providing strategic direction and support in a quickly changing political arena. Within the Business Committee my role involves financial planning, monitoring income and expenditure, and reviewing the year end accounts.
I have lived in Greenwich for more than 20 years. I am passionate about education and strongly believe that each child should be encouraged to achieve their full potential, becoming a life-long learner.

Maggie Shields - Co-opted Governor - Member of Business Committee
Lead Governor for Governor Visits

I have been a governor at Meridian since 1998. My two children, now aged 30 and 28 attended Meridian from Nursery through to Year 6. I think that every child should be able to attend an excellent local community school. Meridian is not only an extremely friendly and welcoming community, but provides an outstandingly rich and varied education for every child lucky enough to go there.

I currently work as the Business Director for Thomas Tallis, which is a community secondary school in Greenwich. Prior to this, I worked as a Finance Manager in local government, working on the strategic planning of projects to build new schools in various London Boroughs. I have visited lots of different schools and met many Head Teachers, and I have been a governor of two other Greenwich schools in the past. I can see that Meridian is a fantastic school, with a very strong and talented team in place, and I am proud to be part of the governing body, offering support and challenge for the future.

I am particularly interested in Meridian’s focus on the wider curriculum of Art, Sport and Music, and I think the Meridian knows how important it is for every child to enjoy and achieve in a variety of skills and subjects. For the future, I hope to support Meridian to develop a strong partnership with other local schools and a secure and sustainable financial foundation.

Dave Borland - Local Authority Governor – Member of the T & L Sub Committee
Lead Governor for Looked After Children (LAC)

I became a member of the governing body at Meridian Primary School in late 2014 and currently sit on the Teaching and Learning Sub-Committee.
I work as Head of Children and Young People Joint Commissioning for the Royal Borough of Greenwich. In this role I am responsible for overseeing that looked after children in the borough live in high quality provision that enable them to feel safe and achieve their full potential. I also oversee the commissioning of a number of children's services in the borough such as Youth and Substance Misuse, Speech and Language and Mental Health provision.
I have previously worked supporting the development and improvement of Early Help services, such as Children’s Centres and Family Support services. This includes working with organisations in how they work with children and families to make a difference. In a former role supporting International Partnerships I also supported the establishment of partnership links between 10 primary schools in the UK and 10 in South Africa.
I love sport and play volleyball alongside being a season ticket holder at Millwall FC. As a local resident and lifelong Greenwich borough resident I’m committed to ensuring Meridian is a school where all children are given the best start in life.

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Richard Graham - Parent Governor – Chair of Teaching & Learning Sub Committee
Lead Governor for Pupil Premium

I have worked for numerous international development charities with a focus on education reform. I have spent a number of years working in Egypt, Sudan and Afghanistan.

I am currently the Director of Programmes at the Education Partnerships Group, having previously worked for Comic Relief, Save the Children and Oxfam.

I live in southeast London with my wife and two daughters. My eldest attended Meridian and is now at Thomas Tallis. My youngest is in year 5. I have been a school governor at Meridian for many years and am currently the chair of Teaching and Learning sub-committee as well as being the designated governor with responsibility for pupil premium. I am writing my first novel for children.

Richard Graham

Parent Governor
Term of office 09/2017 to 09/2021
Declarations of interest: Ark Education Group Employee
Posittions of Responsibility: Pupil premium, attendance
Attendance at meetings:
FGB - 1/1; T & L Sub-Committee - 2/2

Thomasina Tobin Parent Governor – Member of the Business and Premises Committee
Lead Governor for Health and Safety

I am the most recent addition to the Governing Body and was elected as Parent Governor in September 2017. I am a member of the Business Sub-Committee and Link Governor for Health and Safety.
I have two children who attend Meridian. My son, Séamus, is in Reception and my daughter, Rhea, is in Year 3. As a parent, I want my children to go to school in a comfortable and safe environment and to enjoy a great learning experience.
For work I am a construction cost consultant. As part of that role, I review and challenge budgets on a variety of building projects. I always seek to find solutions to ensure best value is being achieved. Given recent budget cuts that the school and the Local Education Authority have endured, this is more important than ever and I look forward to putting the skills I have learned over the years to good use. I am also involved in learning and development at an adult level.
I have been a Greenwich resident for many years and feel very lucky to live in such a vibrant part of London with a great community spirit. This has been reinforced by being part of the Meridian “family”. I am always interested in hearing positive suggestions as to how we can make Meridian even better.

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Manpreet Grewal - Co-opted Governor - Member of the Business & Premises Sub Committee

I have been a co-opted governor at Meridian School since March 2019, having joined the Governing Body via a successful application through the charity Inspiring Governance, which seeks to assist in matching interested volunteers working in business with schools looking for governors.
I have been working in financial services for the last 20 years, a period that has seen immense technological and regulatory change. As a result, I’ve continually strived to develop and hone my skill set; in particular, my core competencies include risk management, data analysis and problem solving. I aim to employ these skills in my role as governor, particularly with respect to financial and organisational decision making and planning.
Furthermore, given the rapid pace of change in the modern world, I’m extremely passionate in my belief that children should be afforded the opportunity to leverage their potential fully, in particular by developing lifelong learning skills.
Finally, as a local resident, I’m very motivated to help Meridian maintain and grow in its role as a positive force within the broader community in Greenwich.

Manpreet Grewal

Co-opted Governor
Term of office: 03/2019 to 03/2023
No declarations of interest
Posittions of Responsibility: tbc
Attendance at meetings:
FGB - 1/1; Business Sub-Committee - 1/1;

Jo Graham - Headteacher

Shaher Bukhari - Co-opted Governor

I have recently joined as a co-opted governor and look forward to being a part of community working for the welfare of school and its students. I am a lawyer by profession and specialise in criminal law.

Jo Graham - Headteacher

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Nadia Dickson - Staff/Associate Governor

Nadia Dickson

Staff Governor
Term of Office to 09/19-09/23
No declarations of interest
No Voting Rights
Attendance at meetings -
FGB: 1/1