Helen Jenkins - Co-opted Governor - Chair of Governing Body and member of both Business and Teaching and Learning Committees
Lead Governor for Safeguarding

I became a member of the governing body at Meridian Primary School in 2010 and took on the role of Chair in September 2013. Both my children attended and enjoyed Meridian School, and now attend local secondary schools.
I have worked in the NHS as a midwife and nurse practitioner for more than 30 years. During my professional career I have experience of managing women’s and young people’s healthcare services – and specifically in preparing for external regulatory inspections, developing policies and procedures to ensure standards of care, performance management and ensuring that services run efficiently and effectively within agreed budgets. I have also helped create and manage innovative services in the public sector, many of these directly targeted at vulnerable children and young people.
Within the Greenwich community I am a committee member of a local sports club, where I hold the position of Welfare Officer – ensuring the wellbeing and best interests of the children attending are maintained and promoted.
As the Chair of Governors I have built a close and effective working relationship with Jo, the Head Teacher. I also maintain a network with other local school Chairs and Governing Bodies.
I passionately believe that all children should be able to reach their own potential and should receive the best support to achieve this.

Mary Dixon - Co-opted Governor – Member of Teaching and Teaching Committee
Lead Governor for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

I have been a member of the governing body at Meridian Primary since 2002. My 3 children all attended Meridian school and when my youngest son was in Reception I volunteered weekly in his class.
Prior to having a family I was a team leader in IT with responsibility for planning and estimating projects, working with project managers to develop and prioritise projects and organising and managing the work within my own team.
For the last 14 years I have been a teaching assistant in another local primary school. I initially supported children on the autistic spectrum in a specialist provision and main stream classes. For the last 7 years I have worked as a general teaching assistant in Reception.
I have been the SEND governor since 2005. I liase with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and the Lead Teacher of the Deaf to ensure children with special needs are having the appropriate care and support at Meridian. I visit the school and observe the children in the school environment to get a first hand experience of how their needs are being met.
I believe all children should be encouraged and supported to be confident and feel good about who they are and what they can do.

Maggie Shields - Co-opted Governor - Member of Business Committee
Lead Governor for Governor Visits

I have been a governor at Meridian for nearly 20 years. My two children, now aged 28 and 25 attended Meridian from Nursery through to Year 6. I think that every child should be able attend an excellent local community primary school, and it has been a pleasure to witness Meridian go from strength to strength and provide such a great start for so many children.
I have been a governor at 2 other primary schools in Greenwich in the past, so I have quite a lot of experience to bring to the governing body. I work as a Finance Manager in local government, working on the strategic planning of projects to build new schools and make sure that we have enough school places for the growing population in various London Boroughs. This means I get to visit lots of school settings and talk to lots of Head Teachers. I can see that Meridian is a fantastic school, with a very strong and talented team in place, and I am proud to be part of the governing body offering support and challenge for the future.
I am particularly interested in Meridian’s focus on the wider curriculum of Art, Sport and Music, and I think Meridian knows how important it is for every child to enjoy and achieve in a variety of skills and subjects. For the future I aim to use my experience and finance qualifications to help Meridian plan for a successful future, working collaboratively with other schools in Greenwich to provide the best education and life experiences for our children.

Dave Borland - Local Authority Governor – Member of the Teaching and Learning Committee
Lead Governor for Looked After Children (LAC) and School Website

I became a member of the governing body at Meridian Primary School in late 2014 and currently sit on the Teaching and Learning Sub-Committee.
I work as Head of Children and Young People Joint Commissioning for the Royal Borough of Greenwich. In this role I am responsible for overseeing that looked after children in the borough live in high quality provision that enable them to feel safe and achieve their full potential. I also oversee the commissioning of a number of children's services in the borough such as Youth and Substance Misuse, Speech and Language and Mental Health provision.
I have previously worked supporting the development and improvement of Early Help services, such as Children’s Centres and Family Support services. This includes working with organisations in how they work with children and families to make a difference. In a former role supporting International Partnerships I also supported the establishment of partnership links between 10 primary schools in the UK and 10 in South Africa.
I love sport and play volleyball alongside being a season ticket holder at Millwall FC. As a local resident and lifelong Greenwich borough resident I’m committed to ensuring Meridian is a school where all children are given the best start in life.

Jo Graham - Headteacher

Nadia Dickson - Associate Governor

Co-opted Governor Vacancy

Previous Governors

Parent Governor – Member of Teaching and Learning Committee. Lead Governor for Pupil Voice and Sports Premium

I have been a parent at Meridian Primary School since 2003. I became a parent Governor in 2010. My two elder daughters have since left the primary school and my youngest daughter is in year 5.

I grew up in Finland and studied in the US before moving to London to pursue a career in Interior Design. Currently I run the Junior Drama club at Meridian and assist with the Toe-By-Toe reading programme in the school. In the past I have also worked as a teaching assistant in Year 2.

I have been the governor representative on the interview panel in the recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff. I am the link governor for both sports and the Schools council. Additionally I sit on the teaching and Learning committee – my focus is on the pastoral elements of the school. Pastoral care looks at the emotional and physical wellbeing of our children. We ensure that unique skills are acknowledged, talent is encouraged and self-esteem is nurtured, so that our children grow into confident and independent life-long learners.

This hands on approach is the essence of my commitment to Meridian as a parent and as a parent governor.

Sarah Bray Roberts - Parent Governor - Chair of Business Committee

I have been a governor at Meridian School since February 2014. I am the Chair of the Business Committee, which oversees finance and premises. My son David attends Meridian School and is currently in year 6.
At present I am a manager at the Financial Conduct Authority where I have held a variety of regulatory roles, delivering risk assessments and challenging boards to ensure that investment firms do not pose undue risk to the UK financial system. Previously I have worked in several sectors as an internal auditor.
I am a qualified accountant. Combined with my work experience, this provides me with numerous skills which I can put to good use in supporting our school.
I enjoy my role as a governor, providing strategic direction and support in a quickly changing political arena. Within the Business Committee my role involves financial planning, monitoring income and expenditure, and reviewing the year end accounts.
I have lived in Greenwich for more than 20 years. I am passionate about education and strongly believe that each child should be encouraged to achieve their full potential, becoming a life-long learner.

Richard Graham - Parent Governor – Member of the Teaching and Learning Committee
Lead Governor for Pupil Premium

I became a member of the governing body at Meridian Primary School in 2013 and took responsibility for oversight of the school’s work with pupil premium children a year later.

One of my children has recently left Meridian and attends a local seocndary school. My youngest child is in Y4. They both enjoy Meridian School.
I am currently Head of Education at Save the Children, where I’m responsible for setting the strategic direction of Save the Children’s global education programmes and ensuring that each programme we deliver brings the greatest possible benefit to children. Previously to that I worked with Comic Relief with responsibility for their international grant making. I have experience of overseeing programmes that benefit disadvantaged children. I am familiar with child safeguarding practices and work that seeks to enable children to reach their full potential.
I have sat on the board of a number of charities including YCare International (the international arm of the YMCA), Unbound Philanthropy (funding work on migrant rights) and more recently, TWIN (a charity promoting fair trade) and am familiar with how boards work effectively with senior management teams.
Within the governing body I contribute to the strategic direction of the school, the review of its performance and with a particular focus on work benefitting pupil premium children.
I am fully committed to the values and ethos of Meridian School. I believe we have the team in place to make sure every child can flourish and grow in the school.