For over three weeks in March, children throughout school imagined their life in miniature, away from the prying eyes of the “human beans”.

“Pod, Homily and Arrietty are a family of tiny people who live beneath the floor boards. Everything they have is borrowed from the ‘human beans’, who don’t even know they exist. That is, until the fateful day when Arrietty
makes friends with ‘the boy upstairs.’“

Each class explored the worlds lost and found by the
Borrowers by visiting Chartwell House in Kent—a
grand country house and garden similar to the one
in which The Borrowers lived. This trip allowed
the children to imagine the secret nooks and crannies, the pathways and openings in and through which the Borrowers had their adventures!

During the Festival, children discussed and debated various dilemmas and created sculptures to represent different images.