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with Designated Special Provision for Deaf Children

2009 - Telling Tactile Tales

The 2009 festival had a focus on drama so it became an Art & Literacy Festival!  We pulled out all the stops to create something quite different and exciting!  Our whole school theme was "Telling Tactile Tales" and the Literacy and Art work were much more closely linked than in the past.  The important bits were:


         each class used a different painting to inspire a story of their own;

         drama played a big part in exploring storytelling ideas;

         children wrote their own tale and thought about how to tell it to another class in an interactive way;

         children created a fabric design which told part of the story in an abstract way

         fabric skills such as weaving, sewing, applique, knotting and tying were learnt;

         the fabric design was part of the tale-telling and allowed children to "become" part of their story whilst they told it;

         each class performed their own "tactile tale" to another class and recorded it for the exhibition.


To inspire our work, younger children were whisked off to a storytelling workshop at "Discover" in Stratford. Junior classes visited the Unicorn Theatre on The Southbank to watch "For the Best".   We also learnt some tips and hints from a visiting story teller which we used in our own storytelling.    The 2009 exhbition was more interactive with a chance for people to listen and watch recordings of the tales whilst viewing and touching the artwork. Have a closer look at our slide show!